Dear Stewart:

Your dear Daddy wrote me a real letter, and in that letter he told me, among other things, that you have two beds and that you will give me my choice of the two when I come, or let me have both if I want them. Many thanks, old pal! One will be enough, I believe; but I do appreciate your characteristic generosity. (I'll bet you can't read that one all by yourself. But I'll bet you Mama or Popa can explain.)

I am enclosing pictures taken from the current issue of Pony Magazine. I'm very fond of my Hackney filly, Creation's Queenie, and I love her very much. She is an aristocratic horse girl, and very beautiful. Her Popa and Mama and all her relatives are snooty blue-bloods, and just don't speak to common horses who are not registered!! I am eager to have Queenie go to horse college and learn how to trot like a champion. She will start school in October. Next year, she will go to the big shows; and the year after I am going to drive her in the big Florida shows!

How are you? How is school? Mine is fine.

Affectionately, your Hon. Grandfather,

Jno. Neihardt