Dear Bower:

It was dear of you — and characteristic — to work for me out there, as you have done. I do appreciate your goodness, and if they invite me, I'll accept it with pleasure. If they don't invite me — and they well may not — I'll plan to zizz out there anyway. I do want to take a look at you dear people in your new and beautiful home. So I'll zizz (golly, what a fine word, invented by your precious lady!) out, look at each of you with a warm, devouring gaze, exchange a few happy words with you all, and zizz right back here to wish I'd stayed longer, much, much longer!

With or without an invitation, I think Spring would be the best time. Still, I do get a lost feeling now and then — and I might decide to zizz while it's still deep winter.

Anyway, it's going to be quite all right one way or the other, and bless your heart for being so good to this old man!


John N.