Dear People:

They're talking of having me on television again next semester, and if it turns out so I could not plan to visit you before next summer, and by that time I may be gathered with the kings and counselors of the earth who made desolate places for themselves. So I've decided to come during this vacation. The only flight I can get now is on Xmas day, arriving in Portland at shortly after 8 p. m. The flight to Eugene leaves at 7 something or other (nice connection!) so I'll not take that flight, and, anyway, there may be heavy fog in Eugene. So I'll either take a night bus, or run down next morning Dec. 26th. I'll have to leave Portland for K. C. on the return trip at 8 something a. m. Dec. 31st, so I can run up to Portland the night of Dec. 30th. This seems to me like a short visit, but it's much longer than no visit, and you'll be less likely to get tired of the poor old man than if the visit were long and tedious.

There is quite a demand for another semester of television for me. Chairman Halson said all that troubled him was that I'd give up my other class, and that the Dept. offering is a bit slim [as it is.?] He asked if I could get the other class along with television and I said I'd be glad to do that. He is going to talk with the Dean & let me know. (He said "your program's mighty good public relations.") Talked to the Cosmo Club (foreign students) Fine response! They were happy (and affectionate) Dear people, all of them!

All colors of people, and all dear.
Also I talked to the 8th and 9th grades of Jefferson Junior High. Excellent response from the dear kids! They "leaned to hear" all about poetry and I recited too. THe teachers asked me because they thought I could help interest the youngsters in poetry. I hear they are writing me letters of appreciation. I've received one — a very lovely little letter!

Yesterday (the last day before Xmas vacation) my poetry class gave me a party. I began as though I were going to do as usual, and they spoke up: "Sir, this is not a class, this is a party!" Then they came forth with all the goodies! The ladies sang songs, others read stuff on Xmas, (Noting, however, how little good poetry has been written about Xmas!)

I'm eager to enter your beautiful home & be with you'ns. I do hope you, Bower, will be there a part of the time anyway.

Lucile, I'm enclosing a note just received from Maxine, Sigurd's wife. She was addicted (a well chosen word!) to my poetry before she married old Sig, and she knows much of my stuff by heart. When I was at their home in Phoenix we [?] verses one evening. I'd begin something from my Cycle or lyrics, or even the little dramas, and that gal would complete the quotation with no hesitation. Recently, she nearly died with an attack of asthma, which she never had before she was [troubled?] with [sinus?] infection but no bronchial trouble . I wonder what caused the trouble [in Phoenix?] I send the letter for the [beautiful and meaningful passage?] you will note. Max feels she [especially?] called to recite my stuff and she does read the lyrics beautifully. It may be she does feel too much to be in perfect [?] of the reading.

Dear people, I'm eager to see you.

— John

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