Dear Lucile:

Well, I'm back — and with some more happy memories! It was a perfect trip and visit, except for Bower's absence; and I saw him just long enough in Portland to feel his warmth of spirit.

My plane was a half hour late at K. C., so I missed the early bus by a few minutes, arriving in Columbia at 12:30 midnight. The family was taking in a late show, so I took a taxi. I had wired from K. C. but the message has not yet reached here!

Albert's father died today, and Albert has gone to St. Louis. The father and mother were here for a visit several weeks ago.

You were so good to this old man, Lucile, and so were Gramby and Stewart. Bless you! It was a real pleasure to see that beautiful, that perfectly lovely house, and I am so glad you dear people have it. You belong in it.

I called Mrs. McCurdy, and we had a rather long and happy talk about you and Bower and the new house. We even talked a bit about Perky, the sweet, fuzzy darling! Yo-Yo was joyous when we met. She heard me from the basement and insisted on coming up at once. I wish I could tell her about Perky!

I keep seeing all the beauty out there, and I keep feeling all the goodness too.

Affectionate thoughts for each of you

John Neihardt Route 5 Columbia, Mo.
[Air Mail?]


Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave, East, Eugene, Oregon

Hilda's letter to me, which you must have rec'd the day I left, contains a letter from the Norwegian publisher at Oslo, approving terms.