Dear Slade:

It has been too long since I wrote you, but you have been in my mind very often, and you are dear!

I meant to write you at once about the Shapiro article in the Times. Thanks for sending it. There are good things in it, but clearly he is mistaken in saying that poetry alone of the arts is "sick". He is not aware of the social process out of which the anarchic trends of our day grew.

Did I send you a copy of my White Radiance, a little essay I wrote back in 1926? It suggests the explanation of what has happened to our "higher values" since 1912. Most of my critical writing (masses of it!) from 1912 to 1936 was a running commentary on this theme, pointing out the same trend in all fields of thought and throughout our whole scale of values. Someday these essays will be collected and they will explain much. There will be two or three volumes of them.

Of course we are beginning a new semester, as you are. It's a scrambled eggs time! My Epic America class will be even larger than usual. I'll be teaching Critical Essay too. I did The Writing of Poetry last semester.

Plans have been made here to take over my books when I die and set up a "Neihardt Memorial Library" within the general University Library (the new wing). This in addition to the considerable collection of my MSS etc. The Neihardt Library will be the nucleus of a growing Western Americana Library.

Please go on liking me, Slade, dear friend. Give my warm greetings to your Lady.


John N.