Dear Bower:

I was very glad to hear from you, and I do appreciate what you said about the disposition of my MSS etc. Your letter was another proof of your generous interest in my work. I've been waiting to reply until the situation here could be made clearer.

I believe with you that the Congressional Library offer is very important and that advantage should be taken of it. Since they have decided here to establish a "Neihardt Memorial Library" in the new wing of the Uni. Library, using my library of about 4500 (+) volumes as a nucleus, I've felt more than ever inclined to want my stuff there. But the Congressional Library offer means a great deal to me also. I've talked this out with Dr. Ralph Parker, librarian, President Ellis, and Dr. Atherton. (They arranged a meeting with me for the purpose) Dr. Parker knows the officials at the Congressional, and is acquainted with the Custodian of MSS who wrote me. Parker will reply to the letter I received, telling about the situation here, and the "Memorial Library" plans, and offering to give the Congressional microfilms of the whole collection. It was not agreed at our meeting here that if I should decide to place the collection here, everything would be done towards the preservation of the materials that would be done in Washington (the MSS would be laminated. There will be air-conditioning, moisture control etc. It seems to me this combination would be excellent.

I've begun the re-decorating of the house at Skyrim. It will be a thorough, expert job, making the interior over, and it will be beautiful. I want the home to seem loved and cared for when I leave it. I'd like to think Mona knows. It would please her so much.

No flu yet, altho' many in Columbia have it. Our winter has been very mild.

With abiding affection dear friend!

John Neihardt Rte 7 Columbia, Mo.
[COLU?]MBIA, MO. FEB 2 [?] 230PM 1960
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Dr. Bower Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East Eugene, Oregon.