Dear Bower:

You're back again and so am I. This is just to say hello and how good it was to be with you for a few minutes in Portland. You and I are drawn together by Fate, and yet we seem to slip past one another!! One of these times perhaps we'll have a real comradely session — maybe over a tall stein of Olympia. I hope so.

My visit was for good me. I'm really a bit lonely, I can tell you,

and it was good to be in your home for a few days. Everyone was so good to me — including precious Perky! I have wondered, since my return, if I was not an intruder, but it was good to be with Charles and Minna, Robin and Barbara. They are dear people. And old Casey! What a boy!

It was good of you to let me share in getting Perky for old man Stewart! I love that young man, and now I love his doggie too.

Good liking this old man at least a little!


John N.

Of course, your Lucile was her dear self and very kind.

The whole family enjoyed the excellent [wine?] on New Year's Day! Many thanks!
John Neihardt Rte 7 Columbia, Mo.
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