Dear Lucile:

I was glad indeed to receive your letter dated the 4th and post-marked the 6th at Eugene. I had begun to think of making an adjustment to a new empty space!

Yes, I am planning on a visit with the Doctors Aly in July! I don't, as yet, know about the horse-shows, but I should know soon. We do have much to do for the biography, and I hope you will have a lot of questions and promptings for me.

Last week I talked to the Camp Fire Girls, ranging from the second grade to Junior High. Quite a job! They did sit and look at me. I enclose a Tribune clipping with beautiful pictures of me!!

The other day I saw in the paper that the University will have some open-circuit TV courses next year, and that these will be taped for use over the state and elsewhere. The article stated that, later, others would be presented and taped. Among the latter "epic America" (sic!) was mentioned I hope they don't wait until this poor old man has "gone angeling".

I've had some good luck! Last fall I was unable to get wheat planted, and this spring my 15 acre field could not be worked until recently. But I did get soy beans planted one-half day before the rains began! So now I'm a big bean farmer and should be rich and despised come next fall! I'm gambling $200 on the weather; but if I live a good life I should win.

You should see our roses! Golly! The south side of the house is banked with big tea-roses!! Last year I bought a lot of plants but they did not do well because of drouth and heat. Last winter I had them covered with straw, and this spring they came on with a surge. Sweet things!

No, the mystery story with the comment on the Cycle, was not by a former student. Harris says the author was one of the well-known stand-bys. He could not remember the title or the author.

I was at the dedication of the Mark Twain memorial in Mark Twain State Park a week ago. Cyril Clemens was there and so was A. J. Meine of Chicago. Meine and I were of the group of eleven who founded the Westerners.

When I go out to you next time, I'll probably go by train. I'm a bit bit homesick for one of those long train rides like I used to have. I'll spend hours in the smoking compartment listening to some blow-hard telling all about it; and I'll spend other hours playing I'm a Gottverdamte millionaire in the club car! Then, also, it will be fun to waken when the train stops late at night, and peek out at some strange, sleeping town! I might even return by L. A. & have a coasting voyage.

Tell Perky that Robin has a new Collie dog, and tell Perky to be sure and tell Stewart. The new doggie is already 1 year old and her snooty registered name is Duchess of St. Elmo. She loves everybody and is sure that the whole world loves her. I shall tell her all about Perky and Perky's boy.

The horses and colts are happy, and the yearlings are "making fat" after the snowy winter. They are so happy! I wish Stewart could have a nice long talk with my pony, whose name is Little Brother. He is a darling and very beautiful. He is already a riding horse after 6 lessons given by Lynn!!

Love to each of you'ns.

John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
[COLU?]MBIA, MO JUN 14 2-PM 1960


Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.