Dear Perky:

I was so glad to receive your good barky letter, and will you please thank your Boy for writing it. I can't write English too, and and my Boy is writing this for me. I think it is very nice of him; but it's little enough return for all I do for him. Night and day I do nothing but watch out for him and wonder what he is going to do next, and will he let me go along, if he is thinking of going somwhere —?—?! It is fine that you have been doing so well with your growing, and I can hardly believe that you can reach up to your Boy's waist, and he already five feet tall!! Good Gosh! I'll bet you have an awful big bark by now!! My bark is the same as always, but of late I've had some much needed help with my barking.

Since Lassie, the Collie who owns Erica, came back from Mississippi, she has taken over half of the barking and growling. You will recall that I am not a very big dog, and what's more, I am already too old to grow anymore; so I can tell you there were times when I could hardly get all the barking and growling done. I was over-loaded with duties, and often I didn't get asleep with both eyes for days and days. I do love my Boy something awful, and I could never forgive myself if a booger should attack him while I was asleep. But now Lassie makes my life much easier. And she has such a deep dark-brown growl and such a get-out-of-here-or-I'll-eat-you-up bark that I feel perfectly safe in leaving her in charge while I sleep.

Do come and see me, Perky dear! I'll bet my Boy will be c-r-r-a-z-y about you when he sees you!

Arfishly yours

Yo-Yo Neihardt