Dear Slade:

Hurrah! So I'm slated to be with you Oct. 12th!! That is something to look forward to! I'll plan so that I can have some time with you and Nita. And you are going to Hawai'i! Bully! My friends at Oregon University tried to get me an engagment there for the summer, but all arrangements were already made. There's a promise for the summer of 1961. Wouldn't it have been fun if both of us had had been scheduled for next summer? I understand that I have a few fans at the University. Dr. Lucile Aly (my biographer) read from the Song of the Indian Wars there with marked success. (She taught there one winter). Dr. Day, head of the English Dept., should feel kindly towards me. I Macmillans sent me his MS anthology of Indian Songs to read, giving me the final judgement, for or against. I advised publication if he would correct certain errors that I pointed out. He did so, and his book was published. You might give him my compliments and very kind regards, please.

I'm having the interior of Skyrim re-decorated. It's very expensive, but I'm making it over new, as Mona would love to see it. Two men are working there steadily.

We've had lots of winter, and so have you, I understand. All our winter came in the last two weeks — almost all. We've had 15 inches of snow & some low temperatures. But today it's melting.

Classes are fine!

With love,

John Neihardt

Did I tell you they will make my private library the nucleus for a Neihardt Memorial Library at the University — in the new wing now building. All my MSS, letters, papers will be there too. The Mo. U. Library has told the Congressional Library it will furnish microfilm of all my stuff.