Dear Lucile:

I was so glad to hear from you as always. But I wonder why you seem so far away, and why you seem to be getting farther and farther away. This may be wholly subjective and I hope it is (Lately I've had to struggle against a lost feeling).

Yes, yes, you must know more about my mother. She had a long, hard fight, and she was so brave. It gives me a heart-ache to remember, and I do wish I could pet her and tell her some things that would make her heart sing. Of course, towards the end of her life, she did have satisfactions, and I did look after her — Mona and I. But, my god! I've things to say to her that I never knew enough to say when she was here.

It's good of you to try to interest your English Dept. chairman in my poetry. Unless he is highly exceptional, he is under the influence of the going time-mood, and my work will not affect him in the least. It is amazing what is accepted as significant poetry in our day! But maybe your man is highly exceptional. Anyway, bless his heart! It doesn't Does it?

Next Saturday (this Wednesday) we will get all the floors mopped, the rugs & furniture back in place at Skyrim. I'm planning to be there after May 1st, and Mona Fink will stay with me & keep the house straight. She had her mother ask me if she could have that job!! She invests all her money in Savings and Loan at 4%!! I wish I were looking forward happily to my living out there. I feel somehow, that I should be there.

Last Saturday I went to St. Louis with Albert, who took his final. I stayed with old P-D friends, Mr. & Mrs. Ward Moore. They are dear! I barged in unexpected at 9:30 a. m. and they were still in bed. But they were as happy as I was, and Mrs. Moore actually embraced this poor old man! We had a happy time, and I reached home at 2 a. m. Sunday.

Today I talked to about 75 third-grade children at a west-end school. Mrs. Frances English is the teacher. The dear, dear, dear kids!! I had a fine time with them, and they were very happy. Many many crowded around me afterward and thanked me. The precious kids! I talked about Indians (wow!) and I was happily surprised at what they knew about other Indians than mine. Mrs. English must be a very remarkable teacher. I was greatly impressed by those youngsters.

Robin has Robin has a pup!! It's a registered golden Collie, and, my goodness gracious, golly, what a big, big dog it is for its size! At least as big as Perky, I bet you! And I bet Perky is awfully big by now! Robin calls his pup Robn "Robin's Scotch Lady" — "Lady" for short. (The long name is for registration).

I wish I could be as good and lovable and altogether worthy as Perky and Lady certainly are!

I'm hoping Bower will call me & maybe let us feed him out here. Surely he will call me.

I will spend the month of June folo following the horses through Tenn., Kentucky, Georgia, & Mississippi. Alice & Cook will be showing their best ones, and I'll go along. What fun! As I get older, I feel closer and closer to the four-legged animals. There's a great deal that I am feeling and thinking at this moment that I'll never write down. I do not believe the feeling I have is common, and I think it has a tremendous significance.

In St. Louis, Ward Moore and I visited two bookstores. They knew me both places, and a fan of mine was browsing in one store. He didn't know me until introductions. He was a retired professor & he surely knew my stuff — quoted a string of it!

I found Stewart Edward White's last book — the third in the "Betty" series! The Betty Book, Across the Unknown, and The Unobstructed Universe. It's a great book, as the others are too.

Love to you, and to Old Man Stewart, and kindest thoughts to Gramby. Do pet Perky for me and tell her I still love her.