Where are Martha & Beverly? Dear people & such good scouts!!
Dear Lucile:

You wrote me such a lovely letter that I feel obligated to write you a lovely letter, and this is it.

I was delighted to hear from you at last; not that I felt you "owed" me a letter — you never owe me anything — but I had heard from Martha & Bower and, indirectly, from Perky — but nothing from you; I felt perfectly awful! But now I feel fine thank you so much!

I've just returned from the State Fair horse show at Sedalia. Big doings, I can tell you! Everybody who is anybody in horsedom, was there with his stallions, geldings, mares, and fillies. By golly, you we had competition for sure! We won 4th with Bourbon Stonewall (our wonderful stallion who is only a little boy yet — just 3 years old.) Bourbon was, according to everyone, the most magnificently beautiful horsie in the ring of around 20 horses. But he is only a country boy, and he had never heard a band before. Never been to the show, either. He was scared, and he broke every time he passed the dog-gone band. So he got 4th. He did stand out like a mountain peak above foothills. When the Judge came around to where Alice & Bourbon were parked, he said to Alice: "Girl, in another year you're going to have a wonderful horse." Earl Arnold, a top trainer & horseman, came to the stables and said to Alice: "You don't need any horse but him. Just you take care of him and he will make you rich!" (He is unbelievably beautiful and fine)

Lynn won first in the 14-years-&-under equitation class. She received a fine trophy. She can ride. Just before this a horse stepped on her big toe & rubbed the whole nail off!! (I still don't like the Alys at all, and I don't like Perky either, and I don't like old man Stewart at all.

You don't seem to feel bad because I was so miserable at your house. I should think you'd feel awful the way I did before your letter came.

We won at Huntsville and Shelbina, but we had a bad slump at the Boone County Fair show here. Two of our horses were out of shape. But we got a second and a fifth

I'm alone here with Erica and Coralie — great pals of mine. Of course, Yo-Yo is here. She never leaves me, night or day.

It's extremely hot and dry. There are great cracks in the ground. The grass is burning up & the corn is getting yellow. School is three weeks off. I feel lazy and no-particular-goodish, but I suppose I'll be steaming at every pore and [?] when the day comes for action! Wow!! Does Bower ever sit with his feet on the table and twiddle his thumbs? I'd love to see him doing that. You must feel a great relief with that job off your hands.

I'm puting an oil furnace in here at Skyrim. I'm too lazy to carry out ashes and shovel coal. Had the old ugly coal bin removed a nice window put in the basement wall. I'll have a nice workshop there, and I'll probably work on gemstones again. That is fun. I need something of the sort. You know I still have a generous supply of jade.

I'm glad you talked to Maxie. Was she "mad" at me? I did write very soon after you were there, I I judge. Anyway, I wrote several weeks ago.

Here's love to Bower, old man Stewart, & Perky (bless her with her precious, cold nose and her kissy tongue!! Sweet, sweet little people!) And sentiments of highest steam to you, lovely and learned lady! Do please visit me again before next Xmas!


P. S. (Saturday)

Last night a strange man by the name of Norman Lewis found his way out here. He has been a friend of mine since he was in high school, and he has two grandchildren now. He came from Maine — is driving to Denver and his visit with me was the fulfillment of a promise he made himself long ago that he would manage to see me. Nice chap; and he does know my stuff pretty thoroughly. He stayed until midnight.

Coralie & Erica are playing horse in the front room. They take turn about being the horse, and they use a real saddle! Funny sweet girlies!


P. P. S.

The girls & I had pancakes for breakfast. They are enthusiastic about my cooking!!

John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
[COLUMB?]IA, MO AUG 27 [?] 1960



Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave. , East, Eugene,[?] Oregon.