Dear Friend:—

Mr. Kreider says the week of June 11th suits him; so if you can set a day in that week, I'll go ahead with arrangements for the recital here. Let me know. I'll send you material for an announcement in your papers a little later. It will be a treat for us.

Your letter was bully, altho' you called it incoherent. I had half a notion to send it to Marsh of Macmillans! By the way, Marsh (the vice-president) writes: "Hugh Glass is getting some really fine reviews, as you see. I have not yet seen the big arresting review which will give it the place it deserves in American literature, but I still hope someone will do this for us." Now who is going to do it?

I wrote to Prof. Wilson as you directed. It's good news that he thinks of having me there.

How goes the book? I'm getting eager. I know it will be worthwhile. Am just putting the finishing touches on my "Lyrics", the next volume. It will contain all my best.

Do you enjoy doing the "Notes"? I almost love your class for being enthusiastic about "The Song"; but nine-tenths of that is in your presentation, I'm sure.

Good luck to you & the book.

Jno. N.

Don't you really want that presidency? If the book goes off well, you [?] want it.

Dr. J. T. House, Wayne, Nebraska.
Bancroft 8 PM Mar 20 1916 NEB.

2 Cents