Dear Mr. Mott: —

I am very grateful for the service you have done for the Middle West in writing your "Six Prophets", and I thank you for the generous appreciation of my own work. Yours is certainly the right spirit. Incidentally, I admire the good workmanship in your articles.

My own state seems also to be waking up. For ten years I have been rather widely known among readers of contemporary literature; but Nebraska discovered me only last winter. That was quite natural and I have felt no resentment. However, it is being nicely made up to me. On June 13th the University of Nebraska will confer upon me the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters. Coming from my home state, the honor means much to me. As you have guessed, I am at work on an epic cycle of the Northwest. The second piece in the cycle will be completed in December. I worked two years on Hugh Glass and shall have worked two more on the second poem, which is entitled "The Song of Three Friends". It is unquestionably stronger than the former poem. There will be three more pieces, covering the entire epic period of the Western States. Everything is planned throughout the series, and I have seven more years of work ahead of me. When I shall have finished the cycle, I shall be ready for the undertaker whenever he can make use of me; though the state of my health is rather reassuring, I am glad to say.

Thanks again for what you have done for us!


Jno. G. Neihardt