Dear Lucile:

When I was out there, you spoke of being in St. Louis during Xmas vacation. Is this still your plan? I'd surely like to see you'ns for an hour or two. Your latest letter, dated Oct. 17th, still makes good reading. I hope my reply of Oct. 26th reached you. Not that is ​ was important; but I don't want it to seem that I've forgotten you!!

Lately I've had some fine experiences with audiences, and I need not explain why I tell you about them. The one in New York was "one of those things; as I told you; and the Macmillan lady writes enthusiastically. The people did act hypnotized, and at the end they exploded! The same thing happened when I talked to the Fortnightly, or rather recited. It was the same with the speech club sponsored by Francis McCurdy. And yesterday I did the main program for the Arts & Science Week — the dinner for the Junior colleges of the state. The ballroom at the Student Union was solid full of tables, and all seats taken. I gave The Death of Crazy Sitting Bull. It was "one of those things" too — very much so!

I wish I knew what does it.

Lucile, I do seem to have more "power" than ever, and it seems to have been increasing lately. At the same time, I feel less and less concern. It doesn't seem to matter until the crowd and I get together; then there's that sweet feeling. I suppose it must be good and in some way worthwhile. Is it? I'm sending a legal document which I hope you and Bower will read, and I wish you'd make any suggestions that may occur to you. You will note that your (1) influence is obvious in this agreement.

(1)Your is dual number here.

Affectionate thoughts — really — for each of you; love too, if that word isn't ruined by rough handling. And do pet my sweet little friend Perky for me — I love her too.