Dear Lucile:

It hasn't rained yet, and this poor old man feels awful! Maybe if you would drop me a short letter with a kind word in it, the rain would come after weeks and weeks and weeks of drouth. Isn't it worth trying?

I'm off for New York Cy. tomorrow. Wed. evening I'll talk about Black Elk to the Westerners at their annual dinner. Then on the 13th and 14th I'll see what I can do at the U. N.! Someone ought to do something, don't you think? — or at least try! Kruschev is leaving just as I'll be arriving. Evidently he doesn't know I'm coming!

Did I tell you we have installed an oil furnace?

The classes are wonderful. Dear, dear young people.

Love to each of you there.


My classes are bully. Fine young people!

Dean English told Lambert the other day that a "video" must be made soon of the whole Cycle. On Monday I'm to be interviewed for KMOX T. V. — something fairly short, I suppose.

With unchanging affection for you and yours, dear lady,


Mr. Cook was thrown by a new mare two weeks ago and has just been released from the hospital. He has a broken collar bo bone, and it was necessary to operate for a twist in the bowels. He is doing remarkably well and spends the sunny afternoons out here.