Dear Slade and Nita:

Well, as you see, I'm here! Everything is fine, and I'm richer for the memories I have of my days with you there. You are very dear.

We reached St. Louis a bit late, and the waiting for the Ozark plane was not trying. Alice, Lyn, and Erica were waiting for me at the airport. We were about 40 minutes late.

I'm judge in the poetry contest of The Poetry Society of Texas again this year (the narrative section only), and I've just chosen the first ten best ones as I see them. Four of these are really good, the other six not at all bad. I've judged for the Texas Society a number of times. Once I gave first to a little masterpiece of a ballad on about an old buckaroo. (It got into Readers' Digest). The deadline this time was Oct. 20, and I reached home on the 21st! So I hurried with the reading.

How I do love to think of that beautiful country, and you in it! No fine colors here, except an occasional but rare hard maple. They had a frost & a hard freeze while I was with you. It came afer ​ that hard rain (an all-night, slow rain of about 2 inches.) My wheat is coming up, and I'll be rich and despised when I harvest my crop next June!

I do hope I left some pleasant memory among those who were in my classes or in the Olin audience. (I know it was so in N. Y. City)

Yo-Yo was very happy to see me!! They told her I was coming, and she jumped up & down, barking and whining. I wonder if she did understand.

We have cool but golden weather, and I fancy it's the same with you.

Oh, those enchanted nights!


John N.