Dear Slade:

Has it been very long since I wrote to you? It doesn't seem so, because you are often in my mind.

Spring reached us nearly three weeks ago, but at first no one believed it was spring, except the grass. It knew, and went right on growing even through the short cold spells. Now we've been having good old-fashioned rains - really wet ones that sigh on through the night and make the creeks roll along. By this time I suppose even Ithaca is feeling spring.

Arrangements are being made for the taking over of my library by the University Library. A former student of mine (9 years ago) is on the Library staff, and has been devoted to me & my work ever since he was in my class. He asked for the job of cataloging and collating my library, and Dr. Parker, our Uni. librarian, was delighted. So this chap will do the job as a labor of love and be paid for his work too! There will be a booklet containing a list of my books, each collated, so that anyone can know each book's special value, associational or otherwise, if there is a special value - often there is.

It will be lonely here at Skyrim without the library. It will be almost like a funeral to see the books go. But it's the right way, I'm sure.

And note this: Arrangements are now made for casting Mona's bust in bronze to be with my books at the University. At the same time, I've just learned a movement is on in Nebraska to place a bronze bust of me in the Nebraska Hall of Fame in the State House at Lincoln. Isn't this some "coincidence"?! The World-Herald of Omaha is back of the movement, which has already been endorsed by Gov. Morrison.

This news just came to me day before yesterday. So it seems Mona's bust will be in bronze twice, if the Nebraska movement succeeds. Mona was very eager to have it in bronze. Now, tell me news. How is Thompson? I must write him. Give my kindest thoughts to Nita.

And love to you.

John N.

Did I tell you that I have 190 in my Epic America class?