Dear Lucile:

I'm so sorry about that copying job! I had the impression that the chapter was only four or five pages long. I need only the complete critical statements — nothing of Lemon's comments. I had those copied several years ago, and the whole made three or four pages. But seventy! My god! I'm so sorry.

It was good to hear from you again. I had just about given up the idea — no pleasant task.

The enclosed about "800 Rubles" will interest you. It was very well done, and you would have been pleased, I think.

Next week the T V people will make three or four videotape recordings of my reading for distribution and permanent record — mostly the latter.

Did you see the letter from Mari Sandoz in the Breeze? It was good of her. I did not expect it.

Can you give me a definite date for my coming? I'll go with Stanley Smith to my Grandfather's homestead in N. W. Kansas and from there to Wauneta for several days. Then I may go on up to Neihart, Montana, my Uncle's town. I've never been there. If I leave for Portland from Wauneta, I'll take the U. P. a at North Platte. Otherwise, the Northern Pacific up in Montana.

The Nebraska movement seems to be "moving". Anyway, yesterday I received a sonnet written to me by a Lincoln lady whom I don't know.

The same old affection to you and yours. —


O did you see proof of your excellent record "blurb"? Sandy sent me one. But when do we see the record?

Dear Lucile:

I neglected telling you that Macmillans are bringing out a new edition of the Cycle, to be ready no later than Sep 1st. The cover will be maroon instead of the cheap yellow of the old edition, and there there there will be critical comment on the dust jacket.

With sentiments of highest steam,


Tell Perky I'm still crrrazy about her!

John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
COLUMBIA, MO MAY 26 11 AM 19[61?]
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Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.