Dear Mari Sandoz:

On my recent trip out West I visited Stanley Smith and he showed me your letter regarding the placing of my bust in the Capitol Bldg. at Lincoln! It was wonderful of you to do that, and I don't know how to express my appreciation of your goodness and generosity. I do deeply appreciate your caring enough about me and my work to write such a letter.

I've just received copies of Black Elk Speaks from the U. of Neb. Press. It's a nice job, surely. The new printing of A Cycle of the West is just now ready, I hear. The U. of Mo. Press wants to reissue my Lyrics and Dramas this year.

Did you know that the bust is being cast in bronze twice — one for Lincoln and one for the U. of Mo. Library? Also, the U. of Mo. Library is taking all my private library to be kept intact and to be used as the center of an expanding collection of Americana.

(It looks as though the old man is getting ready to move on the next episode!!) Mari Sandoz, bless your heart! I wish I could do something really good for you and your work.

Kindest thoughts —

John Neihardt