Dear Slade:

I do too like you as much as ever! I know I have not written for a long time, but that does not mean I feel less affection for you. The fact is that I write as few letters as possible because of my eyes. I was in Oregon most of the summer working with Dr. Lucile Aly on the biography. Then on the way home I had Hilda meet me with the station wagon and her three children at Denver. We investigated the eastern Rockies from Estes Park to Pike's Peak, and I visited the widow of my old friend, Enos Mills, who, as you may know, was the "Father of the Rocky Mt. National Park"

Two weeks ago I went to Lincoln to make some videotapes for the Nebraska University TV.

You know of the bronz two bronze busts — one for the Uni. Library here & one for the Capitol Bldg at Lincoln. Soon I must go back to Lincoln for the unveiling of the bust in the rotunda of the Capitol.

The new record of my Lyrics is ready, and I am sending you a copy. I'm sure you'll like some of it. I will get a mailing envelopenvelope for it on Wednesday.

My Epic America class is the largest ever. It will be held (tomorrow for the first time) in the new Arts & Science Auditorium

Tell me what you did this summer, and how you and Nita are — and other nice things.

With the old affection -

John N.