Dear Lucile:

I'm back from Lincoln. Had a strenuous and happy time. I was surprised at the feeling up there considering that I've been a Missourian for 40 years. It was sweet. The Governor (Morrison) was very deferential, kind and interested in the bust affair. I saw the niches in the rotunda of the marvelous capitol bldg. where the bust will be. Made three videos, and the T V force was most enthusiastic The videos will be made into kinescopes & sent around.

The World-Herald had an article entitled "Neihardt Comes Home" The English Dept at the Uni was most friendly & more.

There is much interest in your biography. Bruce Nicoll of the U. of Neb. Press (whom I met at luncheon, open house, and at his office) is really interested in it.

Note the enclosed from today's Missourian This program was given while I was in Lincoln. The feeling to be noted in this article is the feeling I encountered all over Lincoln.

You must have rec'd a record from old Sandy. Tom Wright here and Stanley Smith both have rec'd their records ordered sometime ago. I'm eager to see it. They say it's a good thing.

I stayed with the Winkelmans and they were so good. The two boys & the girl were at home. Had a bully time with my old friend the Dr. [?] surely a [?]

I'm sure you are too busy even to tat!! I hope you like me yet a little because I like you a little(!) and shall forever and ever.

Bruce Nicole Nicoll of the U. of Neb. Press is the man Bower wants to contact. Tell Bower hello for me, bless him. And old man Stewart. I've sent him a John Paul Jones that I believe he does not already have


John N.
[the Hist. Society?]
AFTER 5 DAYS John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, MO
COLUMBIA, MO SEP 11 1030AM 1961
________ Air


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