Dear Mr. Danker:

I've been having some bully adventures with Luther North, thanks to you — and I mean many thanks!! That's not only a fascinating book, but it is often illuminating. For instance, that vivid picture of Custer during the Black Hills expedition. In one brief close-up a lot of character is revealed.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again.


The iron pots that came from Red Cloud's camp are safe in the basement. I'm glad you people want them for the Nebraska society.

Kindest thoughts,

John Neihardt
P. S.

I see that I signed off too soon! It's fine to know that your Study will be published! I hope they have not continued to insist upon the limitation to Nebraska's boundaries! Or were you able to break out in spite of them? The Cycle covers a lot of country.

Mona & I have been having, and still are having, a perfectly lovely time. I'm her caster and we've been turning out some pieces of hers for sale. Famous-Barr in St. Louis is handling one piece & will handle others. I'm just about to make the

rubber mould for a lamp, which consists of the kneeling figure of a darling little girl holding a ball in her lap. The ball is a round electric bulb! Really charming!

In addition, I've plied my lapidary craft, making some rings in rock crystal set with gems. Also, I've done some work in steel & wood — notably a ceremonial carving knife, the handle & sheath set with laboratory rubies. Looks as thought it grew and wasn't made at all! I'd rather do lapidary work than anything I know about.

Well, signing off again!