Dear Lucile:

That was truly a "lovely letter". It set me dreaming of the Portland road and the beautiful valley in "a trance of timeless weather", and you and I talking about things worth while. Yes, "every year has a summer", and I like to believe I'll know the Portland road again with my biographer — bless her and hers!

So you've been living in Nebraska 54 years ago! And I'm flabbergasted to hear that you actually found Wind God's Wooing in the Smart Set. I had forgotten, and even even now I can't quite remember. I'm wondering how Charles Hansen Towne (the editor) could have bought and printed those verses! I recall that he asked for all the MSS I had, but I'm surprised that I gave him the Wind God. What is the title of Mr. Waters? Did I tell you how near old Waters came to making an an appearance on Broadway? About Liebler (the great producer) and Wm. Hodge the most popular actor of the day, who was then playing in The Man from Home from Home by Tarkington? You know (or do you?) that I met them in Chicago.

If you are in 1907, what has happened in the earlier years? (Let's see; I'm 26 with you now, and how old are you, dear Lady?) That's the year I got into Who's Who in America, appearing first in 1908.

I'm sure no one suggested the change in the line that reads "I will be lightning". Of course that's the only reading — nothing in the least subjunctive about that state of mind!

Yes, I do want to use the lyrics you want me to lift out of The Fug Fugitive Glory. Nothing has been said about the volume of lyrics, but I have not seen Mott yet.

I note that Neb. Press wants your book! That is a good idea about recording the love lyrics. Which ones? The whole Bundle? Sandy wants me to visit him at Thanksgiving & do some more recording, but I don't see how I can make the trip then. Anyway, I'd be unable to get back the old Dionysian ecstasy with Sandy present; altho' I do like old Sandy. Maybe I could do it out there with your encouragement.

You mentioned the Paul Jones book I had sent to Stewart from Lincoln. Did you mean it had arrived? I had the bookstore mail it. It's not much, but I want old man Stewart to have it.

Hurrying Angel is doing wonderfully well in school. She is four years old, and never went to school before. In the first ten minutes of her first lesson she learned the rack step. Yesterday Alice rode her again, and she racked almost the whole way around the ring. She is as beautiful as a girl "when the flesh of her is shapen as to music". And she is as sensitive as "sweet Alice Ben Bolt," seems to have been, if the song is accurate! She is very up-stage and touchy, but she is kind and sometimes she lets me rub her nose

(O joy! To rub a lady's nose!!)
(She has four Stonewall King crosses in her pedigree. That's inbreeding, surely; and in her case it worked beautifully.

Tuesday (Oct. 10)

I'll read poetry to the student body at Cottey College, Nevada. Alice and I will drive over. A strenuous day — four hundred miles and a program!

We are all set to take Bourbon Stonewall (Alice's great stallion) and Spring Dream (my 3-gaited pony) to the American Royal in K. C. We don't expect top winnings, but we do know both the stallion and the pony are as good as they get in conformation and action. There will be older & more experienced horsies there, of course. If we merely "get in the money" we'll be happy.

Oh you are dear, Lucile! It's thrilling to think that you are so large a part of the Pattern. I am more grateful for you than I can say. What you are doing is so very important to the Scheme.

Love —

(You may have noted the error — EpiscopleEpiscopal for [pal?]
John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
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Dr. Lucile Aly 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.
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Did I send you a Black Elk? And a copy of the Cycle should go too.