Monday, Dec. 11, '61
Dear Lucile:

I'm worried about you, because I'm afraid your operation may not be as simple as you made it seem. I'm thinking and thinking about you! I know you will be all right, but I'll be glad when I know you are out of the woods.

I reached home Sunday P. M. by train, altho' I left Lincoln Saturday morning at 7. Snow & Xmas mail tied things up. I had to stay all night at K. C.

But the weather for the Big Event on Thurs. Dec. 7 was quiet, warm, and golden.

No planes
The high gods were with us, and such an event none of us ever before experienced. Everyone was happy. It was a perfect artistic whole, every part perfect, all parts fitted together in an atmosphere of affection. Beautiful & stately. First the amazingly beautiful Capitol Bldg. Then the beautiful & dignity dignified Senate chamber. Then the program! The band of the Charles F. Culler Junior High School (my Uncle's school) took part in the proceedings. Also,
Big luncheon that lasted until 4 P. M. People from all over Nebraska.
a Boy Scouts color guard opened the show. The Governor's speech was a masterly thing. He spoke "off the cuff" & seemed inspired. It was lovely. There were many VIP's — the mayor of Lincoln, the Dir. of the Hist. Society, the Assistant Chancellor (Chancellor out of town), the president of Wayne State College (a fine speech that you must have), Dr. Lucile Aly's speech (read by the Dir. of the Hist. Society and a clear, lovely speech it was!). I made some remarks & read from The Messiah. ("His woman was a mother to the word). Stanley unveiled the bust. You will hear from Stanely, Phyllis, and Hilda. Also, you will receive clippings.

I stayed over, gave a program at Lincoln High, then at the Chas. F. Culler Junior High, then I recorded 3 hours all on Friday. Then Saturday I had a heck of a time. But it was marvelous.

I love you, dearest friend, and I want to hear that you are all right.

John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
COLUMBIA, MO. DEC [12?] 430PM 1961
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