Precious Lady:

I've just heard from Connie that you have come through all right. I'm so glad! I've been worried, and am yet a bit, altho' I really know you'll come through in fine shape. It's the Pattern!

You would have been happy at the ceremony and luncheon that followed. I wish you could have given your own speech; but one can't have everything. ( Isn't that last remark original?! I'll bet you admire my wisdom!)

Mildred Bennett was at the ceremony, & she gave me five or six of the Vinsonhaler letters that the Irish lady gave her. Mrs. B. said the Irish lady (what's her name?) has a shoe box full. Why did I not go to see the lady when I was in Omaha? I'm not very smart, Lucile, dear lady; and sometimes I wonder why people respect me.

You'll be glad to know that I'm not mad at you anymore for writing me so often. You may write as often as you like, and I'll file your letters for further attention. (I will not! The idea! I'll eat them up as soon as they arrive!)

I'm sure you'll hear everything about the Lincoln doings (in addition to what I wrote).

Connie says she's sure you'll be tatting again very soon. I can't imagine you being idle even in a hospital bed.

Remember that this poor old man is thinking and thinking all manners of good things about you.

With all the old affection forever

John the Gak
John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
COLUMBIA. MO. DEC 14 2-PM 1961
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