Dear Edna, John and Hugh:

It's later than I thought! I meant to write you sooner, but things have been bustling for me and I'm astonished at the date.

I'm enclosing my little share of a holiday dinner, you, Edna, will cook for us. You must fancy me present.

Did you hear about the big ceremony at Lincoln? A bronze bust of me was unveiled in the Capitol building. It was a beautiful affair, and people were there from all over the state.

I'm hoping to see you all next summer.

Mrs. Aly has recently had an operation and I'm eager to hear how she is doing.

Affectionate thoughts

John Neihardt

Mrs. Bower Aly's address is 1138 East 22nd, Eugene Ore.

John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
COLUMBIA, MO. DEC 22 330PM 1961
Air Mail


Mrs. Edna Skillings, KP Apartments #4, Albany, Oregon
Sorry we missed you. [Selma & Loren?]