187 in Epic America — the final roll.
Dear Lady:

Here are some notes for the record, before I forget.

Last Tues., Oct. 10, Alice & I drove to Nevada (200 m) and I read lyrics to the student body of Cottey College in convocation I'm from 1:30 to nearly 3:00. The girls wouldn't let Gaki go. It was really a wow. They even applauded separate poems, and they made me come back four times. Some of the faculty were at the Junior College banquet in the Student Union last spring, and they were excited about my reading, so they arranged, last spring, for the visit last week. The same old thing happened — that surge of affection, filling the auditorium. Surely that is the real achievement. It has happened a number of times this fall here in Columbia. It seems to be growing stronger, and it's a beautiful thing. It happened in Lincoln too.

The president's annual reception was held last Friday evening in the ballroom of the Student Union When I came up to Pres. Ellis & Mrs. Ellis, it was good to see the light in their faces. I said to Pres Ellis, "Well, it's another great year for the University" (referring, of course, to the building program). He said, "I hope so; but it will always be a great year as long as you stay". Then Mrs. E. spoke glowingly of how the students speak feel about my classes etc.

Lucile, I'm not boasting. This merely shows again that the something we both prize is still working. Many crowded ing around heard what was said.

I've thought of the years I rang the bell for the Neb. Normal College, and the schooling I had there. This is a most important period in my life, & the feel and the mood of it are most important to you as biographer. It would be easy for some (not for you, I know) to underestimate that unique old college as an educational institution. I've had opportunities for many years to know teachers, and I know that Conn, Pile, and Anna Burne-Bright were excellent teachers, especially Pile, who was a genius. As I look back, I'm amazed at their devotion to their tasks. I should have talked to you about this. Did I? Dear lady!


John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
COLUMBIA, MO OCT 16 130PM 1961


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