Dear Slade:

I'm sure you know that my failure to write sooner just doesn't mean a thing. I do think of you very often, but the fact is that my letter writing has become more of a chore of late months. I write what I must write, and of I neglect, it is the friends I trust most who are slighted. I thought my referring to you would boost my boy's morale, and it did. He was proud of your letter, as he well might be. I thought you would merely send him an article about [?] you sent me one, I loaned it and lost it. I do greatly appreciate your goodness in writing a longish letter to the boy boy. He thus becomes one of your students too.

During the winter sometime I sent Thompson a book. Did he mention it to you? (Or was it a record?)

Our winter was severe for five or six weeks, but since then it has been mild. I had no trouble getting to classes, and the cold was stimulating.

Last week I spent several days talking and reading at the University of South Dakota. Had a bully time, with explosive responses. Got snowed in — 17 inches of the stuff! But I got back for my last Tuesday class.

It's dear of you to boost the record. While in So. Dakota I made some more recordings — one videotape. Also did a TV program and one on radio.

You are dear to me and I am truly grateful for your friendship. Always be sure of that.

Did I tell you we stopped Epic America registrations at 200 200? Fine class & fine auditorium!

There will be a big Willa Cather Memorial dinner in May, and I'm asked I am asked to do the chief stunt. I'll go, of course.

Did I tell you about the Lincoln dedication on Dec. 7th? Surely I did. It was lovely.

Affection for you & Nita. You are dear.

John N.