Dear Lucile:

It has been a long while between whiles, but it's all right if you are well. I've feared you might not be. I know, of course, that you are very, very busy.

Things keep on happening, more or less. This week I received a complimentary and friendly letter from Pondicherry, India, about the 17-page abridgement of Poetic Values that has just appeared in an annual published by the Aurobinda Ashram there. I'll have copies of same sent. Dr. Ghose, visiting professor. did the abridgement. Did I send you the article which appeared in the Calcutta News?

Did I tell you I am to do the honors at the banquet of the Willa Cather Memorial Assn. at Red Cloud, Neb., on May 26th? There will be 100 picked guests from all over the country, I understand The date is right in the middle of our final test period, but I'm free, having two able assistants. All the family is invited, but I doubt if Hiddy can get away. Alice may be able

There are many letters here that you must see
to go. I wish you could be there.

On April 26th I must do a stunt at the Methodist Church. Next Sunday I'll talk at a Fraternity dinner.

I wonder why I do all these things. The appreciation is great surely, but it's so evanescent — or is it?

Next fall I'll go to West Virginia, and I'll stay with Wm Laird, my old friend. He is a wonderful person — a great surgeon and yet he believes more in spirit than in flesh.

Did I tell you that next year there will be two sections of Epic America? I'll teach both, of course. The point is that I can have more students and yet smaller classes — say 150 twice, 300 instead of 200. With this arrangement I'll have only Epic America!! Isn't that bully?

I've thought much of Gramby — and with a warm heart.

You should know my precious little Jacques! My golly! What a pup! I wonder if he & Perky will ever meet! (Hug Perky for me) I do miss you.

The same old

Appendix (*Footnote)

Mrs. Kreigh, who surely appreciates you and Bower, is in my Critical Essay class. She is a very good student. I learned by accident that she knows you.

What did you think of the Mrs. Boyles letter I sent you?

Did you have a happy time on your trip into So southern Oregon?

My Hackneys were sold to a Mr. Wolf of Albuquerque for a very good price.


Term used in a literary, not a physiological sense — suggesting something added. This is a very important distinction distinction

So I'm becoming richer and richer. I now have only Lochburn Lucifer, the Hackney stallion; Lyn's Lucifer, the cross-bred 5-gaited pony who looks like a champion; and Hurrying Angel, the 4-year old mare — 5-gaited and a thrilling prospect. The latter is as pretty as a girl and very gifted. I'm hoping to see the last two win in a big show or two this summer. If they do win, then I'll sell, I suppose, and be still richer — and envied by mere poor folks , whom I look down my nose on! (Wow)

End of Appendix

That was the end of the Appendix. (*Footnote)

We've had a hard time getting Spring to come. The grass is [?] now, altho' it's cold of mornings.

Affectionate thoughts for each of you in the House of Happiness.


It is important to keep the distinction in mind, at all times — Author.

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