Dear Lucile:

I was so sorry to receive your letter of the 17th inst.,(1) because I don't like you very well, do I? (2)

It's good that you will visit your father. I wish I could know him. And I wish I could have known your mother.

Then I'll plan to reach Eugene on the 20th of July, unless something comes up to change the situation.

(1) inst. probably signifies instantaneous — author. (2) Most authorities agree that the question is merely rhetorical, the implied answers being of a positive nature — author

Now Stanley and I can arrange for the Oregon Trail vacation. I may leave for Oregon somewhere in Wyoming — maybe Gree ​ River. I'll have "Handcarts for Zion" along, and we can locate important points in the tragic Mormon story. Hundreds froze & starved to death along the Sweetwater.

I must be here no later than Aug. 10th. Must arrange for the National Educational TV program in Lincoln and my Neb. Hist Soc. speech (late in Sep.) I'm working out my my TV course for next fall semester. There will be 10 9 periods for Sioux culture before the 12 periods for the Wars and the 7 periods for the Messiah. The course will be called The Twilight of the Sioux. Here is the schedule:

  • Introduction 2 1 periods .
  • Sioux Society 2 periods,
  • Black Elk 2 periods
  • Sioux Short Stories 4 periods
  • Indian Wars 12 "
  • The Messiah 7 "
  • (One Two period for tests, making 30 periods
On Thursdays, my morning recording will be given to the P. M. class.

I'm asking Miss Carpenter to send you the few Teasdale letters I'll bring letters, letters, letters when I come.

Tell Perky I still love her in a very special way, pointing out that Jacques and I are just a couple of boys together down on the old farm.

Love to each and all

John N.
Neihardt Rt. 7 Columbia Mo.
COLUMBIA, MO. JUN 20 1030M 1962
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Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.