Dear Slade:

I've just heard the good news about the South American mission, and I feel like yelling! This is perfectly bully! It was hard to think of you as "retired", and now we don't have to try!

I'm proud of you too, Slade — which is nothing new. While I know nothing about taxation, except that I don't enjoy being taxed to any hilarious extent, I feel sure something very important indeed could be done about taxation in South America. I'm eager to know something of your task down there.

Of course Nita will be with you. She should find some exciting birds to watch down there!!

Things move on nicely here. I ded dedicated the Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial in Red Cloud, Nebraska, on May 26th, It was quite an affair. I made a little speech on the street, opening the building to the public, and read poetry at the banquet in the evening.

In August I'm to make some tapes for the National Educational Television — that is, I'm to be the "host" for the various various programs on our pioneer heritage They say they want my "face and voice on the films". Next semester my Epic America will be given in two sections by TV. I'll do both sections.

Several weeks ago I saw my bust in the Hall of Fame section of the rotunda in the Capitol at Lincoln, Neb. It is just opposite Sen. Geo. W. Norris.

I'm going to Oregon in July.

Love to each of you —

John Neihardt