Dear Lucile:

At this point we must interrupt the program for an important news bulletin. Bulletin Registration papers just received disclose the official name of the French Poodle heretofore called Jacques. His real name is: My Little Man Pawnee's Jacquot.

The full name is not used in calling the dog. He answers to Jacques or Jack of Zhokko.


I wonder when I am going to be able to hear you give a Neihardt program. I have heard a Neihardt speech — and a beautiful job it was, dear lady! But I must hear you read the Wars. By the way, I am thinking of giving only the Indian section of the Cycle next time, just to see what happens. In the first place, my course was scheduled for one hour instead of 1 hr 20 20 minutes; and, as I've told you, I'll have two sections to give on each day (Tues. & Thurs.) I think the 1 hr schedule was made accidentally, as there could be no reason for shortening the period.

The plan, then, would be (probably will be) to skeletonize the first two s Songs, giving readings of high spots and regiving complete readings of poems by the students. Then the Wars and The Messiah would (probably will) be given as a single poem. I've always wanted to give full time to the Messiah as well as the Wars. I'd give more time to Sioux culture before beginning the Wars.

What do you think of this? Might it not be effective?

I talked last Sunday to the young people (about 80) at the Methodist Church. It was was really very successful. They hung on until 10:30!

Here's interesting news! The National Educational Television Center will produg ce (through the Neb. University TV station) a Heritage of the Plains series of three, and I'm asked (by the Center in N. Y. & the University station) to act as "host" in the series. They say they want me because I'm "identified with the Great Plains."

(And they say they want my "face and voice")
I'll send the letter later.

You did not say a thing about your trip with Connie and Stewart to southern Oregon. I'm not mad at you for this, which just goes to show what a nice old man I am. But you did think about me on your Portland trip, and that gladdens gladdens me a lot.

Tell Perky I still love her as of old, and shall never change. If I were lucky enough to be canine, I'd wiggle too at the thought of her, giving a faithful imitation of a happy pretzel!

I think of things to tell you and forget to tell them when I write.

I wish we could be together when you are writing regularly. I could help a very great deal under those circumstances, because I'd be back in the mood of the time under consideration. and Anyway, whatever happens will be quite all right, I know.

Epic America is the best ever — 200 in class. There seems to be more talk about it than usual.

You evidently were impressed with the beauty of Bourbon Stonewall. He must be seen in action, however, to be fully appreciated. Horsemen from all over have only praise for him, and already he is getting a reputation.

You sho should see my mare, Hurrying Angel, and my 5-gaited pony, Right as Rain Mr. Cook says he never saw better prospects in all his years of experience. Angel is so very beautiful in conformation and in gaits. Right as Rain is cross-bred, his daddy being my Hackney stallion, Lochburn Lucifer, and his mama being a mare I used to own (Saddlebred), by the name of Beverly's Dream. We will show him in Kentucky where they have 5-gaited pony classes. We do rather expect a champion.

On May 26th I'll be at the Willa Cather banquet, making the kind of noise I make when I make a noise in public.

Same endless affection, dear lady —

John Neihardt
Neihardt, Rt 7
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