Dear Lucile:

That letter was like a fine rain after a rather long drouth! And I know what I mean, because we have been suffering for rain these many weeks, with the temperature around 100° in the shade.

I thought and thought and wondered and wondered, I knew of course, that you were buzzing around making others a little happier — bless you! But I had a slumped feeling, and I needed to be back in the House of Happiness. I needed more than an elephant. I needed to see you.

I do have some news for you. Bourbon Stonewall, the more more than equine stallion Alice raised and trained (beautiful, beautiful, and good) won first place in the Stallion-and -Gelding Class at the State Fair in Sedalia this week. He won over a field of 15 horses, the best in this country, and against the top trainers — Art Simmons, Sug [Sug?] and Don Utz, the Higgenses, and Suttons! Alice, of course, rode him. She was rested and in a good mood. So he just went out there and made a perfect show. Bourbon really has character in our human sense. He is a good man with a strong heart.

and here is more news. Lynn won first in the 5-gaited Junior Class with our Prince Charming! We are hoping that Bourbon may win the great Five-Gaited Stake Friday night. It is the top event and the competition is terrific and pitiless. They fight like mad men for that stake. Bourbon can f fight 45 minutes if necessary. He did that in the Stallion-and-Gelding class, & still was going like a mighty engine at the end.

I'm glad you have the Seymour letters from Knox College. Yes, our relationship was really good. We kidded a lot because we felt affection. He was a huge, handsome but rather slow-moving man, weighing about 225 lbs in moderate flesh. He was head Accountant for the Pullman Company, and was top man in the Chicago office. I owe him much, for real friendship when it was most useful.

He was gifted in in verse-making, and and often composed clever things while shaving or bathing. Have you seen my article in Step-Fiddler about his death? If not, you should. We did feel something like love for each other. I kidded him when he was in process of dying, the day before he went, and he kidded back almost merrily. We both knew. I can't recall the first time I met him, but it was in connection with the Bookfellows (his darling child).

Dear Lady, I almost wish you were less bus busy — not quite, because I like to think of you being you, making people happier, bless your heart!

Here is more news! Old Hilda's final grade in her law course is 4.0! Isn't that bully? Her average for 2 1/2 years is 3.5 — which, I believe, is an A.

And here I must record the shameful fact that my big-little dog, Jacquot, is a fightin' dog, and loves to tackle the big ones! Hilda has a half-breed German Shepard ​ called "Twinkle" (like "Twinkle, twinkle little star.") The other day, Jacquot and I were over there, and Jacquot actually called Twinkle some perfectly horrible names — like "Go to hell!", and such. That made bad trouble. But my dog does notdoesn't know my dog does not know yet that he got trounced. Twink is a sweet dog, & is very kind to my pup when not called horrible names in that insulting tone of voice.

Bully about the photograph in Portland! I'll bet there was a big crowd on hand to view it!

I'm glad the lady we lunched with liked me a bit. I liked her too. She seemed strong, competent, and good — a real person. I do like to be liked; but if you like me, I won't even need an elephant.

Hug sweet Perky for me. I do like to think of her. And don't tell her that Jacqu Jacques swears! He really is a dear manly people with a skinful of love for everybody.

Affection for each and all [?] there.

—John N.
P. S. (1)

I've meant to ask if you know about the time I read Indian Wars to an overflow audience in the Library Bldg at Omaha with the famous "Cowboy Mayor" Jim Dahlman as presiding. The doors were open, and people were gathered all around outside. That should be in the early 1920s & the World-Herald, Bee, and News

should all have accounts of the affair.

J. N.

It was when Long was managing me, I think

Later Friday. I'm off for Lincoln at 1:08 today.

You dear ones there were so good to me. Palama Palama Yalo!

John Neihardt
Route 7
Columbia, Mo.
COLUMBIA, MO. AUG 25 12-M 1962
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Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.