Dear Lucile, Bower, and Stewart:

I want a biscuit (1)! What I really mean is that I'm a bit homesick for the House of Happiness.

I had a fine, fast trip home — cloudless weather, and perfect peace at 37000 feet toward Heaven. I ate one lunch and ruined the other so that no one else could have it.

So much affection waiting here for poor old Gaki — more than anyone deserves!

(1) Even more than I want an elephant! — Author

I called Hiddy from K. C. and there was a car-loadcarload of welcomers. Old Jacques made like the animated pretzel you mentioned, Lucile; and it was a half hour before he became come calm.

This evening at 7:30 I must read lyrics for the Missouri Home Economics Extension Club Council in the auditorium of the Medical Center. I did this stunt for the same organization last year, and this is a requested "return engagement". They want the same thing again.

My new suit has been resting at Sears all this time. Alice thought Enid was mailing it to me, and Enid thought Alice was doing the job! (I must send you a lovely picture of me all dressed up!)

I'm at Skryim, as you see; but Alice stayed here with Erica overnight to look after horses, most of which are at the Christian stables. Since you saw Hiddy's letter about winnings, Alice won the championship in the Junior Five-Gaited Stake at Mexico! It's a big win against the big stables. The horse she rode was Prince Charming, barely four years old — trained by Alice.

Pet dear PerkiePerky for her Gaki.

And do know that you are all very dear to me.

— And thanks, thanks!!

John N.
John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia, Mo.
COLUMBIA, MO AUG 5 330 PM 1962
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Dr. Lucile Aly, Ro 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.
Knox College asks permission to copy my Seymour letters for you. - Jno.