Dear Lucile:

I knew about the hurricane in Portland and on the coast. Also, I read, or heard, that Eugene had some damage,but I did not know you were hit so hard. I supposed the Coast Range would protect you a great deal.

I feel almost as tho' there had been a funeral — to think of those two lovely, lordly trees going!! I can hardly believe it. And the noble pines on the campus! It's a tragedy, but with no apparent meaning. I am so sorry. (I've petted those trees in your yard.)

It's a matter for rejoicing that the House of Happiness didn't get smashed. Those trees could have wrecked your roof.

Of course, in a few years, it will be as tho' nothing bad had happened in your yard. Few will remember

I'm thinking of what a spectacle that strange, savage coast must have presented with such a wind pulling up the sea! My god! It must have been terrific!!

I'm excited too about your adventures in the worl my world of 1912 and 1913 in Minneapolis; What days! One baby and another coming soon. Everything doubtful! I felt so vurl vulnerable, and it seemed my best might not be good enough! (Laughter) If I had only known! But I was receiving a big, big salary for the time and place, and I feared to lose it.

Of course you know my work at sight, and you don't need a by-line. Do keep on looking in the Sunday edition, sacred editorial page,

Winter 1912-13 or towards spring
for an editorial entitled "Wanted a New Cervantes": What an ass I was to write that editorial (much as I believed it) when old Jones was really eager to give me the holy Sunday Editorial Page! And how I could have handled it by keeping clear of controversial economics!! And why not? But you should read that editorial, noting its admirable "dude language" so prized by old "Jonesy" (Still, Jones was good to me, very kind after his fashion, and no one has believed more in my ability to write reviews & critical art articles. I think of H. V. Jones with gratitude and affection, although he did take a lot of service for small pay after I left Minneapolis. That, however, is only business.

I have never read Francis Grierson, al altho' I've know his name and felt I should read him for years & years. I wonder if he was writing as early as my Poetic Values. Strangely enough, just after I received your letter, I looked at a copy of the Midwest Review published by Wayne State College, and there I saw (but did not read) an article about Grierson! Queer coincidence — or was it so?

Yes, dear lady, dear friend, the pattern does work out. We'll all be in the other world within a century certainly, and something good will be left. So it's all right, isn't it.

Mrs. Winkleman has had a bad time with the hospital. An operation and fairly slow recovery at work. She wants to write you.

I don't like you or Bower or Stewart or Perky — do I?

Love to all

Jacques takes could ​ care of me, night and day— We are alone at Skyrim
John Neihardt Route 7 Columbia Mo.
COLUMBIA, MO. OCT 20 230PM 1962
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Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.
Since closing this I've read that article on Grierson, and I note that he was an old-timer. I never knew him or any of his stuff, and I doubt that the idea in question did come from him. The article mentioned here is about G.'s "The Valley of the Shadows" J. N.