Dear Slade:

I haven't thanked you for the postcard picture of the Wagon Box Fight and the information you gave. We are using the post-card picture today when I read that portion on TV. They tell me it will show quite well. It's well conceived, that picture; and I suspect old Max Littman gave the artist some help. Littman, you remember, was the chap who helped the three pickets reach the wagon-box corral. I talked with him long, long ago. He was running an old-fashioned elevator in one of those old brick brick buildings down near the river in St. Louis.

Did I tell you that the Hindustan Times of New Delhi, India, has just run two long articles on Poetic Values?

Also, they ran a feature on me sometime back.

I enjoyed all you told me about your summer's experiences. Bully! bully! Where will you go next, and when?

We are pushing ahead nicely with our TV course, The Twilight of the Sioux. The students do like it a lot.

My little friend, Jacquot, is a great person, and I admire as well as love him.

What do you hear about your MS? I'm eager to know.

Affection to both of you -

John Neihardt