Dear Lucile:
mailed with letter 12/12/62

I'll be mighty glad to receive your next letter. This is not a complaint for I know you are one of the busiest people in my world. Just the same, I'll be happy.

Things go well enough. We are getting on with the TV series, "The Twilight of the Sioux". The only trouble is technical - mostly mistakes in handling the "visuals" - It's pretty good, and we have all next semester to improve what we've done. I hear good reports from students. They tell me the attention is perfect, and one especially intelligent boy (he happens to be Jewish) told me "I just hate to have this class end. It always ends too soon"!

Well, it is exciting - especially in the battles. We have just rubbed Custer out. Tuesday Crazy Horse will die.

This reminds me that I fear I made no comment on your latest public reading of the Wars. I know it was bully! It would have to be, because you care care, and you know how to read. (And you are you also, which is a great deal to an audience. (Also its so very much to this old man.)

Im I'm on tenter hooks, altho' I must confess I don't know what such a hook looks like! This is the situation. Nebraska Press has proposed to publish the Lyrics before next Fall, and the Cycle two years later!! This would be a calamity for me, as I must have copies for my class of next Fall, and the present edition (published in September) will be exhausted before Spring.

Now at this point, I happened to mention Nebraska's interest in publishing my poetry to a former student of mine who works in the Missouri Press office. The force took fire, I'm told, and wondered why Nebraska should publish my stuff and not Missouri! So now, what do I do next? Perhaps Missouri is better. What do you think?

I wish I could see you and have a good talk. I do wish it.

The same old affection - and

John N.