Precious Lady:

I was so sorry to receive your letter. I have such an extensive correspondence with lovely ladies that I hardly have time to eat my victuals. However, your letter is doubtless lovely and has been filed away carefully for future reading (1)

I know how busy you are, and I was able to visualize your houseful of people during the

(1) The jovial Doctor is in a facetious mood here. As a matter of fact, he has read the letter at least six times!
holidays. Sometimes it almost seemed I was there too. So the little fellow remembered me and wondered if everybody was at home with me! Sweet kid!

Yes, we did have a happy time. Three more turkeys and all the trimmings, just as on Thanksgiving Day! I had to eat at each place. A really precious Christmas! All those swell children! How does it happen?!!

(I like you)

I'm sure that dreamed-of picnic ought to happen, and I suspect it will one of these times. I've tried to imagine it, and almost did.

I (I still like you)

As for New Delhi. I have received the invitation to lecture at the Sri Aurobindo International Education Center in New Delhi and stay with the Head of the English Dept. (in his home) while there. The intention is that I'd go to other colleges also.

I am financially able to go, but do not want to spend my money on the trip there and back, and no money is available over there for the travel expense.

Jan 13, '6[3?]
I am taking the matter up with the Fullbright Fulbright people here, and, if this is not too late, I'm told I should be able to get a grant grant. I'll know tomorrow, I think.

Just consider! I might be able to bring an elephant back with me! I do need one something awfull ! (2)

(I do like you)

There is more excellent reading matter on the page 5.

(2) The jovial Doctor is such a cut-up!

As you see, this is page 6 5, referred to on page 5 4. It's the same letter, but another sheet of paper was needed for the additional reading matter. I hope this is clear.

You don't seem to understand about my little friend Jacques. Undoubtedly he was stolen (Dec 9th). I've advertised by radio and newspaper, offering $25 reward - but no results. The Jetts here, who raise Poodles, tell me he was worth several hundred dollars, as much as four hundred and maybe more, because of his coloring - pure white with an elusive tinge of apricot. A beauty, he was, and he had the ability to make everyone love him. If I had not learned how to let go I'd be miserable. I do wish I could have him back. Maybe there's still a chance.

Hug Perky for me. Sweet doggie!

My idea is to do the Nebraska tour during the Fall semester next school year, and then go to India, if arrangements can be made for travel expense. I want to leave as much to my heirs as I can when I go to Heaven, and I'm doing doing pretty well.

Nebraska TV KUON is re-running my three videotapes. The announcement is most flattering to the Little Buffalo.

(I do indeed like you)

Yes, we had a happy birthday party at Hilda's. The whole family, (except Sigurd's family) was there. It was bully!

Isn't there a lot of nice reading matter in this letter?

I do hope we can get together to work on some chapters. Maybe we can. I don't know yet.

The Sunday Missourian yesterday had a very pleasing full-page spread about Gaki, whom you know.

(He likes you)

I'm making you a copy of the spread.

Love to each of you, and much much to you, dear lady.

John N.
John Neihardt Rt. 7, Columbia, Mo.



Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.
_____ over

I've taken the India matter up with the Washington office. The official here is very encouraging.