Dear Lucile:

What a lot of exciting news!

I am not yet sure that I'll land the Fulbright. My references were terrific. I am late, but may overcome that, I am led to infer. At the moment the only snag is that I did not state how long I'd be "available" over there. It must be for at least a semester. Well, I would be available for a semester, and I am stating as much. But do I need a statement from India? If so, I can get one with some delay. I'll know soon.

But to plan so as to meet you'ns in

Europe - that's a hard one! I'm supposed to tour Nebraska next fall & early winter. Then I'd go to India, if Fulbright comes through. But how could this fit your plan, as I'd be due in India about January 1st? You'd be leaving Europe Yurup (I'm a fiend for korreck spellink.) I wish it could be did (Modern English, to hell with grammar).

How can you manage to complete the Biography & still go to Yurup? (same as Europe, which is old-fashioned. I'd love to climb the Eifel ​ Tower with you! O golly! What a lovely dream it all is!! We'll see. And we'll see as soon as possible about getting together for a spell of work on the MS this summer

Here's more news: Hilda has actually graduated from Law School, and will take the Bar examination in two weeks! Isn't this an achievement?!?! It's a tough course, and she had her house and children to take care of. She She is a dynamo.

Yes, I'm happy about Alice's present position. She is making a living & building a fine reputation. I'm proud of both my gals - all my gals, for that matter.

I bought two fine Hackney ponies recently. Or did I tell you? (They won't kiss me yet, the little hussies!)

Lassie has four pups! They are beginning to bark!

Love to Bower, Stewart, and you, dear Lady! And pet Perky for me.

More later. It's Black Elk that is published in Germany (Freiburg)