Dear Slade:

I should have made the matter a bit clearer, regarding the Fulbright reference. I sent in four recommendation blanks filled out with enthusiastic comment by Pres. Ellis, Dean English, Chairman Dickinson, and Dr. Weatherly. Then it was suggested that a reference outside my institution be given - and I named you. They may not write you, but just the reference is of real value.

It seems I may get

the travel grant. I had to assure the committee that I'd be available available over there for at least one semester. I've done this, and now we'll see if they give me anything, I hope it may be enough to justify my taking my granddaughter, Gale Petri. It would be wonderful for her & bully for me. She will finish high school (a year early) this year, and she has an E average!! She's in the National Honor Society. If I go to India, I'll come back the other side of the planet, and thus go "around the world"

Love to you dear people -

John N.
The TV series is bully. We are doing some of the programs again. Might be able to improve.