Dr. Basu is using your dissertation until Saturday, when she leaves. She will do some articles for Indian publications.
Dear Lucile:

Of course it is going to be good! I know this, and I am humbly grateful that you have given yourself to the Pattern. I admire you as a mind, and I love you as a person, dear, dear lady!

Yes, yes I must see you this summer, and it will be good to go over the MS together. There will be little errors here & there, This could not be avoided, and I want to help. Mona had a glorious natural voice (high soprano) and she had had some excellent training with a great teacher, whose name I forget, in Paris. She could well have made singing a career. I will say more when I see you. Hilda has inherited her quality and volume. I not sure you ever heard Hilda at her best. She is most effective.

Had a wonderful time [talking?] to the Laboratory school Thursday!

I am to "sing poetry" in Lincoln on June 6th - the Alumni Congress. As you see, by the enclosed, I'll be on with Chancellor Hardin.

I have too many engagements coming on soon. I always say "yes", and the first thing I know I'm too busy. But if it gives pleasure, it must be good; and people do act as though they were happy.

A Dr. Shabharani B asu of Benares University, India, has been lecturing here on our Asia series. She has come to see me, and we "clicked". She is, of course, a lady, and I'm sure, very learned. But she wants Gaki to come to Benares University and live in the "Guest House". So, if I go, I'll be in Pondicherry, New Delhi, and Benares, at least.

Hilda took her bar examination, but will not hear the result until April 27th. She told me that, altho' she had the flu & considerable fever, she would bet a thousand dollars she'd pass. I said " And I'll add a thousand, & we'll all make a little money!" If she doesn't pass it will be comical, considering who does pass commonly. There is a second examination in August It's a tough exam, I'm told.

I've just heard that my library will be taken on April 15th. It will be a bit like a funeral when the books are packed & hauled away.

Yes, do use my lovely road whenever you need it! I love to have you use it. But please don't waken my precious sleeping buffaloes!

I am looking forward to the summer more than ever before.

If Fulbright comes through decently, I must go to India As you say, it is "right" that I should go. In some ways I'll be visiting my ancestral spiritual home. They believe so much that has given me strength and a sense of glory.

This Dr. Basu is known as "the woman mystic of India". She says it will be easy to get me in intimate touch with "gurus", illuminated men. I do want to sit at their feet.

Also, I want to find some good raw sapphire and ruby, so that I can make a few beautiful things to give away.

(By the way, I've been looking at a necklace of ivory and amber that I have. In my will it is given to you from Mona & me. The pendant is a finely carved ivory rose. It will be so pretty on your neck. But maybe, if I go to India, I may be able to make a beautiful ruby or sapphire ring for you to wear when I am gathered to my fathers "among the kings and counselors councillors of the earth who made desolate places for themselves" - or words approximately to that effect. But howsoever, I do hold you very dear, Lucile.

I live here at Skyrim with Lassie (the collie) and my cats. There are a dozen horses also; and I think I told you of my recently purchased Hackney fillies - two of them, & both especially small - which is desireable. I'll marry them to my Lockburn Lucifer, and we'll have some darling little Hackneys in a year from now. Lassie is almost a person. She looks after me after her fashion.

Pet Perky for us. She too is a "people" - if that's a complement, and it certainly can be.

I was so glad to hear from you - We'll plan on a summer session with the MS.

Bower gave a group of us a lovely luncheon at the Daniel Boone. Bless him.

Forever and ever, amen!


Affectionate regards to old man Stewart!

I'm eager to see the Focus article. Bower says you were limited to 150 words. I do appreciate your doing the article. Along with everything else you do.

Sigurd actually seems to have come through his surgical ordeals triumphantly. It's amazing.
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COLUMBIA, MO. MAR [22?] 230PM 1963


Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East Eugene, Oregon.