Dear Slade:

I am rather flabbergasted to note that I have not written you for some time, altho' I've thought of you, and spoken of you, often.

We've been having sub-zero weather for quite a spell, as you, and everybody else, have. I was in Lincoln last week making a 30-minute tape (TV) on Black Elk for the Folklore Society. Had a bully time. Went to Omaha & was given a luncheon at Joselyn Memorial Museum.

We are about to begin some more TV programs on Thursday. We did 28 last semester. The idea is to improve some of the programs

Pardon pencil.
if we can.

You know I'm invited to lecture at the Sri Aurobindo International Education Center in Pondicherry, India; also in New Delhi. I've applied for a Fulbright grant for travel expense. I'd be guest of the Head of the English Dep't over there. I'm sending you a reference blank to fill out & mail, if you are willing. Indicate your connection with Cornell, if you send the blank as directed. I can have anyone here, but I'd like to have you also.

Love to you and Nita. Also, bless your hearts!

John N.
Pres. Ellis will recommend me.