Dear Lucile:

Dr. Ghose, who is returning to India on Feb. 8, has borrowed your dissertation for study until he leaves. He will be writing about J. G. N. over there. I've been re-reading portions of the dissertation, and am again greatly impressed by the quality of your writing. The Biography will be a corking good thing!

Ghose interviewed me yesterday, and I enclose a corrected copy. I hope the corrections are complete. He read the MS to me, and I have not read the corrected carbon. This interveiw and other more extended articles in the Hindustan Times (to be contributed by Ghose) will give me a good many potential friends over there. I'll do the rest, I hope, when I meet them.

My Fulbright application and four references have gone to Washington, and I should get the grant if I am not too late. My references are President Ellis, Dean English, Chairman Dickinson, and Dr. Weatherly. They were all eager to help. One might have thought I was doing them a favor!

My chances are good because I already have the position over there. It is not the same as tho' I were applying for an assignment

I do want to go to India very much. Also, I'll never feel wholly successful until I have an elephant. It need not be very large. Just a teeny baby elephant would do. Honest, I'd promise to feed him exclusively on peanuts.

Hasn't this been quite a winter?!?!! Golly! I never experienced so long a period of sub-zero weather.

I did a 30-minute tape on Black Elk for the Folklore Society at Neb. U. last week. It was good. Even liked most of it.

Later I'll tell you about my visit to Omaha.

Love always-

My pen is running out. It smudges.
220 A & S Bldg.
COLUMBIA, MO. JAN 31 2-PM 1963


Dr. Lucile Aly, 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.