Dear Sterling: —

I'm genuinely sorry about your trouble, and hate to think that you may be forced to leave the country that suits your genius so well. I wish I could help you, Old Man; because I do sincerely care for you.

I myself am a bit worried again after several years of comparative peace. I find it increasingly difficult to write editorials for a reactionary paper & still maintain my self-respect.

I am for the war, because Germany is the greatest immediate obstacle to the organization of a sane international social system. But, having read some 2,000 representative modern books in every line of thought within the past seven or eight years, I know something of modern tendencies & the present world situation. I can't be a damned trimmer and man-pleaser. I can't sacrifice the higher to the lower values. Consequently I'm afraid I'll have to strike out for another job sooner or later, probably sooner. Have thought of the S. F. Bulletin. Is it intelligent & liberal?

I've made the corrections in the "Lilith" MS as you gave them in your last.

Dear Old Man, it's a hell of a world, isn't it? So much wonder & beauty, and so little intelligent planning for the happiness of men!

My journal boss loves Jesus to distraction, & he has the heart of a rat. Long ago I used to say, & I say it yet: Look out for an extremely religious person!

Will we ever rise up & overthrow the Fat Bellies? There is hope in the possiblity of universal hunger, I think. Have you seen the great Danish novel, "Pelle, the Conqueror"? It's one of the greatest ever!

I hope things will work out well for you, Sterling; & that nothing may hinder you from doing the work you can do so wonderfully.