Dear Old Man: —

I haven't heard from you for a devil of a long time, and I'm getting lonesome for a letter. How are you, and what are you doing?

As for me, I'm undertaking a book on Western exploration for schools — a prose narrative, strictly historical in its main outlines but flavored with fiction wherever it can be introduced without distorting the truth. I need the money; but above that consideration is the fine chance to introduce the epic period to youngsters by way of building a background for my cycle. Three birds with one stone!

We have had no winter here yet, but it will come soon now.

Have you any good news for me? What did Macmillans do about our "Lilith"? I was in luck with m "Friends", owing, I think, to the fact that it is part of a cycle they had already undertaken, and, further, because the cycle seems to them to have special American significance. They are damned shy about accepting any books that do not promise immediate returns. I hope, however, that they have seen the light enough to take our "Lilith". She's a rare lady still in my estimation.

Lord! I wish you & I could go jackrabbit hunting together! I've been bowling them over right lively this fall. Sigurd goes with me & swears like a pirate when I hit one! Being a consistent Christian myself, these outbursts of profanity fairly lacerate my soul. I declare, when he swears I feel as tho' I had committed fornication.

I've read all the galley proofs of the "Friends" & I am expecting the page proofs. The thing ought to see light by January the somethingth.

Be good & write to me.