Dear Old Man: —

The Ashtouth poem is perfectly ripping, and, like all your work, is perfectly Sterlingesque. I mean, it would not be necessary for you to sign it. That's a real compliment. I should like to deserve a poem like that after my death. There would be one happy ghost!

It's too bad that Macmillans business office bucked. I was sure that the readers would be strong for the drama, but I was afraid of the business office at this particular time. You see, I had had some inside information as to the effect of war conditions on the Macmillan consciousness, and for awhile a while I feared that the "Friends" might be held up. It was the American character of my stuff and the fact that my piece was one of a series that tipped the scales in my favor.

I have the strongest kind of belief in our Lady Lilith, and sincerely hope that Boni & Liveright will take her to their collective bosom. In normal times, I feel sure that Macmillans would have taken her gladly. I hope that within a year or two you will feel free to offer them a fine selection of your lyrics — say 200 pages. What a feast of beauty that would be!

I'm afraid your Wilton friend hasn't understood the Bolsheviki. His opinion savors of capitalistic prejudice. He couldn't be writing for the London Times without a fine equipment of capitalistic bias. Have you seen Russell's "Red Russia"? I've read nearly every book on Russia that has appeared in English and there are good reasons for suspecting that Russell is one of two or three who tell the truth. You see, Bolshevism is merely the first attempt and Democracy on this planet, and it is natural that the capitalistic press should do everything possible to discredit such a movement. We are fed up on scandalous lies. Get "Red Russia" & read it, if you haven't. Russell, you know, was one of the American Commission to Russia.

There's a move on to put "Hugh Glass" in the schools — an annotated edition for supplementary reading. Dr. Alden of Stanford suggested it. It will probably be adopted in Nebraska first. After that it would naturally spread into the adjoining states.

Be good to yourself!