Dear Slade:

It's Spring! Wow!

And do we deserve it after what we bore last winter! How are you and Nita? It must be beautiful in your country, and getting more so daily !

Did you receive any inquiry from the Fulbright Foundation? I gave your name for good measure. Everyone here, from the President down, gave me a send-off. I now have invitations from Pondicherry, New Delhi, and Benares. I should hear soon from Fulbright.

If I go, Gail Petri will probably come with me.

Next fall, it seems, there will be two Epic America courses running simultaneously. One will be given live, the other by TV. The first will give the first three songs of the Cycle, the second give the last two. The first would be called The Mountain Men, the second The Twilight of the Sioux.

I wish I could drop in on you for a good talk.

With the old affection -

John N.

I am living alone here with Lassie, the collie. She keeps house for me! I have two new Hackney filleys - very fine specimans.