Dear Lucile:

I thought I still didn't like you yet, the way I used to didn't, until your letter came, and ever since then I've liked you a lot, the way I used to did before I didn't — or words to that effect approximately.

No, really, I've thought from day to day that I'd be able to tell you more definitely what the plan will be there. Stanley has had a run of sickness in the family, from the Mama down through the four youngsters, and that stopped planning. But now it seems we'll leave his home on June 28th & be gone a week or ten days.

After that I'd head your way, if by that time I still like you'ns.
I've suggested an earlier date - right after my affair in Lincoln on the 6th of January (meaning June apparently- Ed.) We want to show Right-as-Rain and Bourbon Stonewall in Kentucky, and we may be able to do this after the Lincoln affair. Then I could run on to Stanley and you. I don't know yet. you

I'm so eager to trod the enchanted road of the sleeping buffaloes again!

I've been doing stunts again. Presbyterian Student Center on Tues. and a dinner of sixty some taught (Some sort of scientific organization) Next I'll eat dinner with the Woman's Athletic Club, Society, Nation[al?] fraternity (no, evidently sorority is meant - Ed.)

There are always things in your letters that mean much to me — and I think them over and over.

It will be fun hearing the biography!



(Who in h- is this "Ed"?)

COLUMBIA, MO. APR27 130PM 1963


Dr. Lucile Aly 1138 22nd Ave., East, Eugene, Oregon.

I happened on the Jones letter. Please put it with those Mona collected.

My books are gone. Two men worked two days packing and handling. It's empty here, but I'm making the empty room beautiful.