Thanks for the Syracuse letter. My classes are bully - 120 students. My Epic America TV course will be on open circuit next next semester - 35 programs.
Dear Lucile:

It was good to hear from you. You had seemed so far away. I feel much encouraged, knowing that your promotion, of which I had not heard,) will give you more control of your time, as well as more help and more money! I should be able to plan so as to be with you when you can devote devote most of your time to the writing. (You mentioned Spring). So far I have read 59 pages & dictated corrections. There are 72 pages, I note. Gail was reading to me & taking dictation, (She is quite good), but she had to leave for residence at Christian College. I can arrange to have Enid do the remainder for me. When you receive the correction sheets (with the MS) you can recast the text to include corrections corrections and suggestions. This, then, will give us a firm basis for the further progress. I'm glad you said that about stagefright! The word explains some things very much unlike the Lucile I don't like at all (I do too), the Lucile who wrote the finely done, flowing passages later on.

You know what you (and I too) call my "stories". Those are the flesh and blood of the biographical business, and I know you can make them come alive in your narrative if you first know them and feel them.

Anyway, be happy, and there'll be a fine fine book. Mote Note the enclosed about Bancroft. It could somehow lead off the chapter on the Bancroft days. (Think how much I did do in that town, and how it would have encouraged me to know what the chipping tells!!)

I don't know about India yet. I can't go in November November.

I'm so eager to know something of your experiences there.

Love as always.

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COLUMBIA, MO. OCT 18 12 - M 1963



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